It’s Time

As the sun sets in each of these passing days, they will forever be forged in the tales of history. It’s living in an abstract and surreal day dream, fighting weaponless with only prayers as protection, enforcing distance in a war against an invisible and lethal enemy. Our world as we know it will completely change by the time this is over.

How many times in your life will you be asked to stay at home to save the nation and by doing so saving the world? A little to ask for a greater outcome to the salvation of life as we know it. It’s learning to adapt to new norms for now, adapting to working remotely, Learning remotely and connecting with loved ones digitally. It’s a time to learn to appreciate technology in a different light and allow introspection to literally shake you to life if you haven’t woken up to its reality already.

It’s time for reflection on how we pace our lives. It’s time to open our hearts and pray from deep within you and extend your heartfelt prayers far further so that it truly encompasses the entire humankind. Because in truth that ensures your own survival and that of everyone you have ever loved wherever they may be in the world. It’s time to finally reflect on what to truly focus on and how to steer our lives. (Hopefully) going forward into the future armoured with positive health choices with a positive attitude towards our planet.

Never did we ever think we would go to sleep and wake up saying silent prayers of ‘Thank you’s’ to our nation’s now true warriors, from health care workers, to the grocery store clerks and everyone in between who stand in the front line putting their lives at risk for a greater good so we can be at ease during these trying times.

I hope as an ummah we look to find khayr in this situation and know If anything brings us closer in hidaayat to our creator then it is good for us.

It’s a time to truly connect with everyone you ever knew now more than ever, more so to know they are truly OK and financially OK to make it through to the finish line. Social retraction has affected many businesses and many homes to sustain themselves. It’s time to be mindful of those around you. No one needs to physically ask you for help. It’s time to extend your help without having a reason or return in expectation.

We spend our days connecting with loved ones near and far. With virtual hugs and banter.. Praying within our hearts of hearts that we each do outlive this nightmare to the end so we can meet at the finish line. Healthy and strong in rich real embraces. For we finally do understand now more than ever what real connection, prayer and the fight for life means..

Everyday seems like reliving a repeat of the same day. Doing our best to just survive this long day dream amidst keeping kids occupied, stimulated and constantly fed. Keeping them ‘mind strong’ against the invisible war outside our front door. I admit I am scared… But for them I will brace the strength within and mask the fear never to be seen.. Because I know with every atom within me.. And it’s time to bring the belief to the fore of our lives.

“With hardship, there is surely ease.” 

Al Quran

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